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Exit Planning Review Newsletter Archives

Forecast Strategic Advisors offers a monthly newsletter providing tips, ideas, and suggestions. There are often “things to think about” when you are putting together your “Exit Plan”. Things are not always as easy as you imagine in your minds-eye. Actual plans need to be made and followed. As you implement your plan over time there will be changes to be made not yet known. Please read the attached “Exit Planning Review” newsletters from the Forecast Strategic Advisors Archive:

2017 Newsletters.

Exit Planning Review- Business Continuity Instructions: Guiding Your Family, Even After Death – 12/6/2017

Exit Planning Review- What Could Go Wrong When Transferring Ownership toEmployeess – 11/22/17

Exit Planning Review- Avoiding Unwanted Surprises 11/15/17

Exit Planning Review- For Business Exits

Exit Planning Review- Why Setting Goals Is Important, Even If They Change 8/16/17

Exit Planning Review- Protect Against the Pain of Exiting Your Business 8/2/17

Exit Planning Review- Which Comes First? Estate Planning or Exit Planning? 7/19/17

Exit Planning Review- Death and Taxes vs. Preserving Wealth 7/4/17

Exit Planning Review- Business Continuity Planning for Co-Owners. 6/25/17

Exit Planning Review- Maintain Control, Save on Taxes- 6/17/17

Exit Planning Review- Preparing for the Worst: Business- Continuity Planning for Sole Owners- 5/23/2017 

Exit Planning Review- The Essential Business Agreement- 5/10/2017

Exit Planning Review- Avoiding Disaster in Insiders Transfers – 4/19/2017

Exit Planning Review- Elements of a Plan to Sell to Insiders – 4/5/2017

Exit Planning Review- Sticking a Toe (or Two) in the Exit Planning Pool- 3/15/2017

Exit Planning Review – Building Value is the Win-Win-Win of Exit Planning – 2/24/2017

Exit Planning Review – What is Your Business Really Worth? – 2/9/2017

Exit Planning Review – Top Excuses Owners Use to Avoid Exit Planning – 1/20/2017

Exit Planning Review – Selecting Your Exit Goals – 1/4/2017

2016 Newsletters

Exit Planning Review – Failure to Plan has a Price – 12/21/2016

Exit Planning Review – Exits are Inevitable, Failure is Not: Planning a Successful Exit – 12/7/2016

Exit Planning Review – The Impact of Value Drivers on Sales Price – 11/16/2016

Exit Planning Review – Does Value Equal Exit Planning? – 11/3/2016

Exit Planning Review – Knowing Business Value is a Very Good Place to Start – 10/18/2016

Exit Planning Review – First Things First: Prioritize Your Objectives – 10/5/2016

Exit Planning Review – Why Exit Planning? Why Now? – 9/23/2016

Exit Planning Review – Former Business Owners Express No Regrets About Selling Out – 9/7/2016

Exit Planning Review – Is Exit Planning Worth the Time and Money? – 8/17/2016

Exit Planning Review – Navigating the Choppy Waters of a Sale to a Third Party – 8/3/2016

Exit Planning Review – Exit Your Business Without Leaving It – 7/21/2016

Exit Planning Review – An Agreement is Not A Plan – 7/6/2016

Exit Planning Review – Equality and Fairness in Transfers to Kids – 6/23/16

Exit Planning Review – Value Doesn’t Grow On Trees…Or Does It? – 6/8/16

Exit Planning Review – Death And Taxes vs. Preserving Wealth – The Final Exit Planning Contest – 5/19/16

Exit Planning Review – What to Expect from a Buyer – 5/4/16

Exit Planning Review – Looking for Financial Clues to your Exit Readiness – 4/6/16

2015 Newsletters

Exit Planning Review – Your Exit Timeline – 6/15/15

Exit Planning Review – Eight Ways to Exit Your Company – 6/2/15

Exit Planning Review – Working Backwards Still Takes You Forward – 5/19/15

Exit Planning Review – Using A Buy-Sell Agreement to Maintain Control, Save Taxes and Set Fair Value – 5/6/15

Exit Planning Review – Dust Off and Review Your Buy-Sell Agreement – 4/21/15

Exit Planning Review – Elements of a Plan to Sell to Insiders – 4/7/15

Exit Planning Review – Two Baby Steps – 3/17/15

Exit Planning Review – Exit Planning Excuses: Part II – 3/3/15

Exit Planning Review – Exit Planning Excuses: Part I – 2/17/15

Exit Planning Review – Failure to Plan Has a Price – 2/3/15

Exit Planning Review – Knowing Business Value is a Very Good Place to Start – 1/6/15

2014 Newsletters

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2013 Newsletters

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