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Executive Compensation Planning

Efforts or results? How do you reward?

Never confuse efforts with results. All the “efforting” in the world will not get your company the results you are seeking. Aligning key employees’ and management’s compensation to results is critical to the growth of every business.

Improving key employees’ cash flow improves yours.

The days of salary plus bonus are over. That model failed because it created an unjust sense of expectation or entitlement – “I got a bonus last year, why not this year?”

A better method aligns compensation with specific targets. We create formulas for mixing short-term with long-term compensation strategies, both hard and soft dollars. Because value has to be created over time, these compensation incentives can drive the growth of your business – “All ships rise with the incoming tide.”

We’ll help you motivate and retain key employees through the appropriate tools such as stock bonuses, stock options, non-qualified deferred compensation, phantom stock, employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) and more.

Forecast Strategic Advisors helps business owners accomplish the following priorities:

• Retain key employees with proper incentive agreements
• Tailor effective and flexible employee benefit plans
• Develop and perfect formulas for aligning business goals with personal compensation goals for growth of the business
• Ensure that these business value drivers are fully integrated for optimum performance improvement

Once this process is underway, everyone involved with your business will benefit. By taking these important steps to spur business growth and motivate and retain your best people, you greatly enhance the value of your business, and will make your business more marketable and financially attractive. Contact us for more information.