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Business Owner Planning – Goal Setting

What do you want to do with the rest of your life?

Have you really thought hard about that question? Most successful business owners and executives find that they work only “in” the business and rarely commit to focus time working “on” the business. The result: When facing transitioning from the business will be “reacting” instead of “acting” and regrets versus rewards.

What financial lifestyle do you want?
For example, what is your timeline to work before retiring or moving on? What annual after-tax income (in today’s dollars) do you want during retirement? Do you want to transfer the business to family, key employees, or sell it to an outside party and walk away? Exactly how do you plan to do it? Perhaps you want to transfer wealth to children, reward employees, or maintain ownership for as long as you can.

How can you successfully get to your final act as a business owner without a well-written road map?

Contact Forecast Strategic Advisors to take advantage of our unique Final Cast™ process, that will help answer these questions. Together we’ll design the plan to move you toward your goals on your timetable.