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Exit Planning – Final Cast ™

Final Cast ™ – Forecasting a big win at the end?

At any given time, 40 percent of US businesses are facing transfer of ownership issues. The final act of every business owner is the transfer of ownership. Learn More About “The Ultimate Business Event” Plan to do it right, now. At Forecast Strategic Advisors, forecasting the ownership transfer leads to the business owner’s final act. That’s why we call it Final Cast™ for “The Big Finish” – better outcomes for business owners. It is a systematic approach enabling you to transition out of your business intelligently and profitably.There are seven key steps to our Final Cast™ system:

• Setting your objectives for both yourself and your business
• Determining the value of your business
• Preserving, promoting and protecting the value of your business
• Transferring the business outside of the business, or transferring the business to co-owners, employees or family
• Evaluating business continuity options
• Preserving your wealth

It’s easy to see that many specialized skills are necessary with known exit planning experience, including financial/insurance professionals, business/estate planning attorneys, CPAs, transaction specialists, valuation specialists, bankers, and more – all part of the Forecast Strategic Advisors team. Contact Forecast Strategic Advisors to take advantage of our Final Cast™.

Fill out the form below or Contact Forecast Strategic Advisors to discuss how our Final Cast ™ plan might be right for you. By filling out the form below, you’ll also receive free access to our library of White Papers about Exit Planning with no obligation.